Alkalized Cocoa powder
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Alkalized Cocoa powder

800 $/тонна
оптовая цена
800 - 1 000 $/тонна, мин. 10 т
Условия поставки: CIF
Theo Kerlsen
директор по продажам
,  Москва, RU
на Флагма с 1 ноября 2016


We are one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of high quality alkalized cocoa powder with our ability to deliver up to 100-1500 metric tons per month, and we also pack as our customers require. We also provide private labels upon customer request. We supply our products throughout Asia, the Middle East, parts of Europe, Africa and Australia.

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,  Москва, RU
на Флагма с 1 ноября 2016

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